Time to adjust as usual

This is my second spring working with the plants and it sure takes time to adjust to the extra time away from home and the extra aches and pains that come with hauling and lifting plants and trees.  It is good to work outside even when the weather is not so great sometimes.

So I have found the magic to losing weight, ya know the quick fix.  Ha just kidding there is no quick fix, but working in a physical job sure helps and then hitting the gym with my daughter and lifting weights really helps, plus eating as close natural as possible also helps.  I am very excited because I am finally below 170, just by an ounce but hell yes I will take it!

Okay so let’s catch up, aside from working part time we are adjusting to our new schooling choices.  I tend to lean to the unschool, or rather maybe child-led would fit better.  We kind of plugged along with the Kahn Academy this year and some grammar we had and other assorted materials I have kept from my older two.  In February I got an email about a great opportunity for an interesting curriculum.  Waldorf Inspired Earthschooling.  I have had some time to peruse what came with the package we chose and wow there is plenty to keep us busy from now until my youngest graduates.  There is so much great hands on learning that we can scout around and choose what we want.  They both asked for a different math than Kahn Academy so I hunted around and found something that seems to please them both.   We came across Life of Fred, this is a series that spans from early learning all the way through high school.  I hunted for the best price and while I could find some on Amazon – Life of Fred Math Books, I ended up buying from Rainbow Resource.  I will let you know what we think once we get through some of it.  The other change was adding in something to pump up our spelling, reading, grammar, etc.  My son asked for a program to help him be a better speller, so after some research and reading several reviews I came up with this – Spell to Write And Read / Core Kit – Teacher’s Edition.  Looks interesting and very flexible and seems good for the older child.  Oh and my 2nd oldest son has challenged us to tag along on his college history course and while the Earthschooling has plenty of history we all think this will be fun for the summer and definitely challenging.  So that is what is up in our schooling arena.

Next up the garden, join me tomorrow for some great pics of the garden and some new additions that have finally started to produce this year.  So exciting.

Peace & Love

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