Time for a Review…a double one at that

I am telling you I am one lucky girl.  I received a box of products from Mohawk Valley Trading Company back a little ways, you remember me talking about their Maple Syrup right? Did I mention how yummy that stuff was?  In that box were some other beautiful products including two types of honey.  So I chose to open and try the Autumn Wildflower Honey first and now I have fully finished that jar of delicious honey, I tried it in so many ways, teas, recipes, off the spoon just for a taste test and on bread (my favorite, warm  homemade bread and honey).  This honey was so good, the texture was nice, there was no glop left at the bottom of my hot cup of tea and the taste was so amazing.  I have decided that baking with this honey is wasteful, why you ask, well because it should not be hidden away in a recipe, it’s like putting “baby in a corner”, this honey should be seen up front on bread or in tea.

I used it in my pizza crust, that recipe doesn’t call for much so it is okay to use it. =)
The bread recipe is probably okay too, but any recipe where you have to use 1/4 cup or more is too much. =). No seriously it is great to bake and cook with too. I just like to make sure I have enough for tea and toast too.

One of the things I really love about their website it there is a thorough explanation of the products, almost a mini lesson on how honey is made, very cool and it leaves you knowing exactly what you are buying and why.  They put a lot of care into their products and it shows.

Okay so I said this was a double, well in that box of beautiful products was some soaps, I did mention I am lucky right?  You know how much I love stuff that is made with other good stuff, ya know no chemicals and shitty gross stuff.  Some of that gross stuff just leaves my skin itchy, a long dull itchy feeling all day long.

Okay enough, anyway I opene the Castile Soap 100% Olive Oil bar of soap on February 26th and today on April 25th, there is a thin slap still left in my shower and I have pretty much used it every day and on the occassional I am out of body wash days of the other family they have used it, so this bar soap has lasted.  I love the smell and the longevity of this soap.  I have tried quite a few bars of natural soaps, so I can tell you this on is lasting a good long while and all for a great price.

So take a minute and check out what Mohawk Valley Trading Company has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

Peace & happiness,
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