A peek at the garden progress

I am sure I mentioned that I love spring and it sure has taken long enough to get here this year.   Thankfully this year we started somethings inside and that helped keep the snowy blues at bay.  Plus a few outdoor projects that could be done on those in between warm days helped keep me going.  Anyway here is a peek at the our progress so far.

I always love seeing plants regrow from the previous year, could be because I am lazy and planting new stuff takes work. 😀
We have broccoli growing, my goal this years is to pick it before it flowers.
My usual garden beds waiting for their veggies.
I love hanging baskets on my deck, the problem is I tend to forget they are there and they don’t get watered and then they die :(. I am sure every time I walk in with a new one my dear husband just smile and says it it nice but on the inside he is thinking I wonder how long it will last.  My goal is to have it last all summer.  It is such a beauty.
One of the projects we got done on a warm day.  We had this set but it needed painting…badly.  So we were yard-saling last weekend and this one house had all those cushions you see for $20.  I was so excited.  Have you shopped for that stuff lately?  Just the bench cushions I found were 29.99, so yea this was a no bargaining situation, we handed the 20.00 over and thanked the man and went on our merry way.  
So they determined the color of the table, I had been look in a sea blue which I love but sometimes in the name of a good deal you have to compromise.
My herb box for inside for when I am too lazy to walk out to the garden.
Our seedlings patiently waiting to outside.
Peace & Love.
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