Here’s the Garden so far

I showed you some early shots of the garden and I just can’t believe how much it changes each week.  Dave has lots going on with the veggies.  We planted a good bunch from seed both in starter pots and directly sown into the ground.  Plus so much has bloomed for the very first time.  Our peach tree is making its debute as are our blackberries…finally.

A peach, yay!  Sorry it is blurry still working on my camera skills =)

Finally some blooms on the blackberry bushes, took two years but so worth the wait.

 Now there are berries, so excited.
 Our baby bunny, mama was nearby.

 Strawberries and mint.
Lavender, mint varieties and sage.

My special purchase, I fell in love with the double bloom impatiens, looks like a rose.

Speaking of roses, look what rose bushes are creating, so pretty and my favorite colors.

Beans growing, carrots coming in and broccoli wishing it was growing =/  


 Tomatoes moved into their big buckets


So I left this plant outdoors all winter long and when we found it it was all dried and brown, I told my dh to just toss it and he said no, that he was sure it would come back and I was like okay, sure it will….not.  Well I was wrong, at this picture point you can see the color that grew out the dried brown stuff in the back ground and now it is mostly green, I will take another picture soon.

So the gardens are coming along and oh how I wish these pictures could do it justice but they don’t.  Dave is working on growing a healthier lawn the natural way.  Since we cannot use any chemicals anywhere in the yard, we just can’t risk it getting into the food or harming the doggies or humans who live here, so it is taking extra work but it will be so worth it.  I will share some before and after pictures as it comes along.
Oh and lots of new recipes to share as I have been a baking fool.  My goal is to get to no pre-made stuff.  This is tough during busy season at work but I am learning there is really no good excuse so back to cooking I go.  
Coming soon, new recipes, my sources for good…or rather great beef, pork and chicken.
Plus I still have some great products I have been testing and using and can’t wait to give you the scoop.
Peace & Happiness

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