Here comes summer

Glitch at the beach I guess.  This never posted. :(. Anyway still wanted to share it.  We head to the beach again tomorrow, I am one lucky girl.  Anyway here is my post originally from 6/1/14.

My favorite trip of the year is here.  I long for the sound of the ocean pretty much on a regular basis.  I love the smells at the beach and walking through the sand.  I am not a fan of the cold at all so when summer arrives I enjoy each and every minute of it.  There is so much other good stuff wrapped up in going to the beach.  I get to spend each day with my family without interruption.  We go with good friends and laughter is a big part of hanging out with them.  Our children get to spend time with their good friends.  It is an all in one great bundle of fun.  To top it off, this is my view each and every morning.

The added bonus is I get time to think about what is going to go on in my kitchen, garden and home because my mind is free of distraction.  I get more time to write to and for that I am very happy.  Plus I have time to read magazines that pile up waiting patiently for me to turn their pages.  Here is my first one in plan to hit today.
I am already thinking about picking strawberries the week I am home in between beach trips, I am a lucky girl to be going twice this year and with only a week break in between.  However it is strawberry season so I must take advantage of that and can some strawberry jam before the season ends.  I found this most perfect magazine to entertain me and prepare for my first time making and canning strawberry Jam.  I will share that adventure with you next week.
Peace & Happiness

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