So much to do so little time

My little world has changed a bit and juggling it all seems to have me dropping the ball on one thing or the other. This week has been the first week I have actually felt a bit of order to it all. I started a part time job working as a garden center merchandiser. I love it. I work for a company that goes into a local chain store and helps to bring order to the garden center plants. The job itself is great and my co-workers are fabulous, most of the people at the 2 stores I work at are pretty cool. So of course being a gardener myself I am really enjoying handling the plants. I did get some kind of awful rash similar to a poison Ivy rash on my arms and stomach from one of the plants. Who knew that some garden plants depending on where they come from can cause similar symptoms to the Poison Plants. Let’s just say I wear my gloves every day.

So I think I am in the middle of my fourth full week of work and I am finally adjusting to this addition to my life. The first week was only 9 hours but my second week was 20 and let me tell you each time I left work I felt like I could barely walk, it is more physical than I realized….um well that is not true what is actually true is that I am more out of shape than I realized, yea I know looking in the mirror at my bumps and bulges and cottage cheese thighs should have given me a small clue, but my eyesight is a little out of shape too. Anyway each day after work that second week I came home and promptly fell asleep (I should mention I was having a vertigo issue so I was tired anyway from that crappy feeling in my head). All that bending, squatting, lifting, pushing heavy carts and walking in work boots had taken its toll on this poor chick who hadn’t worked out in a very looooonnnngggg time. Anyway last week it got better, much better I could actually stay away after work (now I know why there are early bird dinner hours for seniors, it is hard to stay up past 7pm sometimes).

This week I feel completely human except for the darn work boots kill my feet.

When I sat down and looked at all the ups and downs of the job, I could find pretty much all ups and they are the following:

1. I have a job
2. I get to work in the sunshine
3. I get to work with plants
4. I get to work in the rain
5. I have a nice team to work with and most importantly number 6. I get a workout….for free!

So really the only downside can be some of the humans from the other company we go in to work at have attitude issues but the upside is that I can keep on smiling despite them and they can stop me. =D

So that is my little bit of sharing for today. Stay tuned I have so much to share from the garden and other great upcoming projects including a give away from Balance Bar. I will be posting pretty much daily for the next few weeks.

It is Spring! Have a beautiful happy day!

Peace & Happiness, Dawn

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2 thoughts on “So much to do so little time

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I've always wanted to find part time work in a garden – it sounds so peaceful yet invigorating. Too bad about the rash though – youch! And yes, I'm also constantly surprised by how physically demanding gardening is. I'm usually always sore the next day – but in a good way! I love getting my kids to help me in the garden, and would love to write a guest post for your beautiful blog if you're interested. 🙂

    -Jesse @ Humble Seed
    (Blogger at

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