Easy way to make hand soap

My frustration with going clean and organic is the price of everything.  I feel like so many companies take advantage of the green phase many go through.  Although I trip and stumble A LOT being organic and green has never really been a phase but more of a lifestyle I have incorporated since pretty much I began making my own life choices.   I cloth diapered, I made my own diaper wipes, we have always recycled and over the last 6+ years we have been gardening and learning about eating clean foods from good local sources.  So getting something as simple as a hand soap that is not full of disgusting chemicals would not seem like such a hard task compared to getting a decent crop of tomatoes.  Let me tell you have I have tried many chemical-free brands and while nice they cost me too much to buy on a regular basis.  At some point I saw a blurb about using Dr. Bronner’s to make hand soap somewhere and it was so simple I have not forgotten how.

I love Bronner’s I have used this brand for various needs over the last many years so I knew where to get it and some of the basics about it.  I purchased Dr. Bronner Castile Soap in the Almond scent, from Target for $16.99, of course you can find it pretty much anywhere including several places online.

Here are the ingredients in the Almond – 
Water, sponified organic coconut and organic olive oils (w/ retained glycerin), organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, natural bitter almond fragrance, sea salt, citric acid, and vitamin E.

I had been saving my foam soap pumps I purchased during the holidays for all our bathrooms, you can find empty ones to purchase to but I am all for reusing and of course saving money. =D  I have not tried any other type of soap dispenser, only the foaming soap dispenser and it works like a charm.
Simply I poured in a small amount of the Bronner’s, maybe about 1/7th or 1/8th of the bottle
and fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Yes water, that is it, the Bronner’s and water.  I do fill the bottle slowly so as not to make too much foam, I fill it high enough that some of the foam does spill over.  I shake the bottle gently to mix the Bronner’s with the water and there you have it, a nice hand soap free of the gross stuff and it does not dry my hands out.
What I have done is I wrote what the bottle of Bronner’s cost me and each time I fill one of the foam pumpers with a new mix I write a line so I can see how many bottle of hand soap I will get.  At the time of the picture I had made four but I am now up to five and as you can see I will get plenty more.  Once I empty the bottle I will let you know how many I got.  At this rate I will be spending under $2 for a decent hand soap but I am aiming for $1 per bottle.

What is nice about the Bronner soap is that you can get it in a variety of scents or plain and scent it with your favorite scented oil.

Happy hand soap making.

Peace & Happiness
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2 thoughts on “Easy way to make hand soap

  1. great idea! I had the same problems with soap. Nowadays I buy 'melt and pour' organic soap bases that I add my own herbs to. For $4.99 I can make up to 20 bars of soap! When my little one is older I might try making it from scratch, but for now I'm happy with this method. Now we can have foamy hand soap too!

  2. Wow great price for 20. I have never heard of the melt and pour, would love to know where you find them. I just started using bar hair shampoo, I feel like it has added a thickness to my hair, would love to find a recipe for that as I am paying $4.50 per bar right now. Thank you for sharing sounds right up my alley.

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