Just another crazy week

So I am still playing catch up, but it’s all good.  So let’s start with the good.  After a month of working I am finally feeling human, in the beginning I would feel like a zombie in need of immediate rest as soon as I my work day would come to an end.  Now I can actually shop and function after work, yay it is a good week.  So more good, I am losing weight from all the extra movement added to my week.  I finally figured out how I got “the rash” and boy do I feel stupid.  So let me share the bad stuff before I explain how the mystery was solved.

Bad number one we need a new heat / AC system, boo and bad number two we found termites near the house, double boo.  So anyway I am a very luck girl because wonderful people cross my path and I don’t often know why, but last fall at the farm my dh, my stepmom and I met a man who was unloading walking sticks from his car, these caught my step-mom’s eye because my dad loves to collect them, so we hopped out and began chatting, he ended up also being in pest control and came and took care of an ant problem for us.

Now fast forward to last weekend, we were in the garden and my daughter noticed a swarm of flying somethings, which turned out to be termites, boo, as my husband began digging we found them very close to the house, so I called the company of the man and he came out and sure enough we have a good amount of termites VERY close to our home yuck.  So today he came to treat and as he is nearing the end he calls me out and asks me if I realize I have a good amount of poison ivy near our side window and boom just like that a light bulb comes on and flashes to me pulling a vine off the window and side of the house about 2 weeks ago…..yep mystery solved.  Here I thought I was so diligent and stayed far away from the poison plants, yeah right.  I am so glad he showed me and now I realize where I got it from and I don’t have to keep wondering what plant at work did this too me.

Okay there is lots to catch up on so stayed tuned for a garden update this weekend with pictures of the new gardens and the poor garden that is down for now as we had to treat too near it to get rid of the termites.  Plus I will be launching a give away from Balance Bar.   Ooh and stay tuned for a great book review on a really great book I have been reading this last month.

That’s it for now.

Peace & Happiness!

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