Happy New Year

So every year I make some resolutions, you know the kind.  I will lose weight, exercise, be a better mom, take my kids on more field-trips, blog on a timely basis, organize my house and so on and so on.  My brain was brewing the week between Christmas and New Years Day with all that I would profess to accomplish in 2013 and then I got overwhelmed and a bit depressed and have kind of stupored there until yesterday.  So that is not bad I spent the first week fumbling around, busy but still fumbling all the same.  It was good though, it was freeing to not even come up with a list of what I would do better this year.  So yesterday came and I decided to just act on what I would like to do this year.  Eating better has been an ongoing trek for me and my family.  My husband and I are overweight, most of my children are not fit and we all waver back and forth between good eating and the quick crap that is out there.

So as I was sitting there it came to me the small steps that we had been taking even through the holidays.  I have lucked into a source for some amazing organic beef, raw milk, and other goods.  Have you ever had sour cream that is not process but just all good creamy goodness, oh my what we have all been missing.  We are becoming accutely aware of how our bodies feel when good food is put into them and when processed crap is put in.  So baby steps and commitment instead of a list of “what I am gonna do”.  I keep telling myself, actions speak louder than words, so I am taking action and my goal is to share here on a weekly basis a bit of our adventure.  So join me next week for my first Tripping and Stumbling Down the Road to Living Healthier post.  I have been cooking up some great recipes, making beef jerky and baking both with grains and gluten free.  The taste of real food is so amazing but I often let life give me excuses to not cook from scratch.  Of course my biggest excuse is lack of time but you would be surprised about how little time it actually takes to cook something from whole ingredients, I am learning that first hand and having a great time finding new ingredients to bake and cook with.

Join me Monday, January 14th for the first post with tips and tools I have been using.

Peace & Love  


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