Winery Wednesday – Chateau O’Brien


So there could be several reasons I loved this winery.
1. Because I went with my hubby
2. Because we went with my parents
3. Because the owner did the tasting and he was fantastic!!!

So first this is a no pet no children winery, but definitely worth a sitter to take your sweety out for a visit here.

The details: 3238 Rail Stop Road, Markham, VA 22643

Thursday – Monday 11:00am – 5:00pm
Only 21 years of age or older permitted on premises for safety reasons.

This was such a personable visit. We went in the early fall so the scenary was top notch. We were greeted by the owner who was tending to his property. He made us feel above and beyond welcomed.

I forgot which of the two tastings we did, but they have 2 main ones and a third that I am planning on setting up as a special visit.

Classic Wine Tasting is $8 per person
Cellar Collection Tasting is $15 per person
This is the one I want to book and do as a special something, maybe for someone’s birthday, shhhh.

Private Reserve Cellar Tasting is $35 per person and by appointment only. Go to the website to see more information on how to book this.
It’s funny when we first planned this trip with my parents (it was a Christmas present so we could spend time with them), I didn’t include this winery on my list. My husband and I were taking a Mead making class and on the last day we walked around asked each classmate for suggestions in the area we were headed and each one had Chateau O’Brien at the top of their list. I am so so glad we added this spot back to the list.
It was definitely a fantastic visit and I can’t wait to book our Private Reserve Cellar Tasting!

When I go back I’ll definitely take more photos. We were totally in the moment here and I could only find this single picture.

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