What’s new in on the canning shelf

Um I think I might be addicted to canning….or I am trying to make up for the last 5 years of procrastination.  Not sure which it is, all I can say is I am having fun and actually feeling successful.

Funny note, my husband wanted me to open a jar of the Blackberry Jam, as I am grabbing one, he says, “did you taste it before you canned it?”  Uhhhh no, hmm guess I should do that with everything I can huh?  Lucky for me it was amazing.  That thought again came to me yesterday when I needed sauce for some tortellini.  Phew again I was lucky on that one.  So I have now made a mental note to myself to taste test all things prepared like that so I at least have a clue.  I would like to point out that this thought again came to me this morning when I realized I did not taste test the Pepper Jelly I made yesterday.  I am not on a good roll at all, so here’s hoping I can remember to taste test at some point.  Sheesh as I much as I like to eat you would think taste testing would be all I am thinking about. =D

So what is on the shelf so far?

We have Tomato Sauce, Salsa (lots of salsa), pickles, Tomatoes, Blackberry Jam, Raspberry Jam and as of yesterday Hot Pepper Jelly.  I would say that I am feeling very accomplished.  Now I am ready for more though.  I am hoping to get another canning box of tomatoes, our local farm offers a great deal, you get 25 pounds for $10.

I am also prepping to can corn.  I bought the corn at the farmers market, 2 dozen for $6.  I am just awaiting the arrival of my new pressure canner.  Hoping to see it no later than Thursday according to the delivery information, so we shall see.  I am so excited and nervous for this new step in canning, all I can recall from my childhood are the stories of them exploding, but I have done lots of reading and my fears have been put to rest somewhat and I will move forward with this exciting next step in the world of canning and get to work on beef broth and corn this week.  I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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