I have kind of neglected my writing

Sometimes I feel like I should ask myself, “what the hell were you thinking?”  However since I know myself so well I keep my mouth shut.

So I added another part-time job because I know that my job with PPI, merchandising plants will slow way down some October, so for the fun of it I added a job merchandising for Mattel.  I forgot to consider that I would be adding 10 hours now while I still have about 10 – 15 hours with PPI.  Hmmm I can handle that, but I forgot to add on top of that homeschooling, even though we truly lean to the unschooling side, it still takes time to interact and hang out with my awesome and wonderful children and then there are all the cool outings we want to get to, ugh what was I thinking.  Plus there is still the book business, furniture to refinish, crafts to create, cooking real food and so many other things that I quickly have realized I will need to add some order to my life.  Dang it I was hoping to avoid order, crap I never do well with order.  That is because I usually mess it up, ha.  Anyway I am lucky to have a daughter that likes order and she is right by my side helping me get some.

Yesterday I was never so happy to see a three day weekend.  I just finished a day of working both jobs which sounds horrific but truly if I don’t count 2 hours and 40 minutes of driving round trip for a special favor on one job, I really only worked a 6 and a half hour day so easy enough, it was that I worked a little extra for one job this week and I miss my kids, yes I said it I miss them every minute I am away.  I am beyond thankful that we homeschool I have loved spending every moment I can with them before this hit adulthood.  With two grown sons I know that for certain now.  Anyway I couldn’t wait to get started getting organized and get to make a few homemade goodies and to just hang out with my family.

Today we started our day with going to a few good yard sales, I love yard sales.  Soon here I will take some photos of the awesome finds from this summers days of yard sales.  So many projects to share and some really great fun finds.  I love Saturday mornings because Dave, Daniel, Samantha and I head out early to treasure hunt and we are together.  It was a great start to our nice long weekend.

I had purchased two gallons of raw milk to make some mozzarella and it has been sitting patiently in my refrigerator waiting for me to get to it.  Today was the day, I will share the recipe in another post, but it turned out great.  I did have to troubleshoot a bit as it was not forming up, thought it was all a waste and I read a little more and decided to add more citric acid and boom there it went and now waiting in the refrigerator is some beautiful homemade mozzarella cheese that I will grate and put on the homemade pizza tonight.

While the cheese was processing we worked in the room that holds our resources for learning, got to watch Merlin on the computer, painted 3 chairs, as soon as I finish those chairs I will share them here too.  So so many fun things to share that I have been working on I can’t wait.

It has been a wonder and productive day I am thankful for this day.

Stay tuned for some great reviews, I have a cool lunch box set that came it I am excited to share on Sunday, I have decided to share my reviews on Sunday so you won’t have to wait too long for the next one.

Have a peaceful and beautiful rest of the day, see you tomorrow.

Here is the homemade mozzarella

Here is the homemade pizza dough

A jar of our homemade sauce canned earlier this month.

And that is how you get a pizza made with real food, the sausage is Papa Weavers no gross stuff in it, the pepperoni is Applegate but still looking for some place local or I will go without and the green peppers are from our garden. YUM!
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