Time to think about the garden

Yep it is that time of year again, now is when we start to decide what will be in our garden, first we have a dream list, you know the grand plan that includes every possible seed and then you envision this amazing garden full of amazing veggies to pick and then reality sets in and you start realizing what will actually fit in the garden.

Now first let be me totally honest, my husband is truly the gardener here, he has the passion and the gift for gardening.  I just kind of help to keep it watered and help harvest when the veggies are ready.  However this year I am going to seed all of the plants versus our usual buy them from the garden store already to drop in the ground, I am good at that but have not been so successful at the planting from seed.  I don’t mean that I can’t get them to grow, I mean that I buy all the seed packets and usually they sit in a drawer until it is too late and now we have to go and buy the ready-to-plant veggies.  Although last year we did plant a few things directly in the ground from seed, they did great so I want to do more and actually start some indoors, like tomatoes for example if I plant from seed the bunnies come and eat the little plants, so I want to grow those indoors and only transfer when they get big enough that the bunnies can’t bite the leafy part right off and believe me they do, all I am left with is the green shoot coming out of the ground.

Anyway my first goal was to find non-gmo seeds from a small business, but the catch is they had to be reasonably priced.  Since the minute you label anything organic or non-gmo people like to charge double the price of conventional products.  I checked Burpee first but they averaged $3.95 for a pack that had 30 seeds, yuck I was not happy.  I then saw the link to My Patriot Supply and found a great collection of non-gmo and heirloom seeds at a more than reasonable cost, they average $1.97 to $2.19 and approximately 40 to 900 seeds depending on the veggie, ie the lettuce had 900, the Blue Lake Bush beans had 150 and some the winter squash were in the 40 range, so very fair number of seeds for a more than fair price.  I will update you when I receive my seeds, but everything I read from other customers tells me to expect great customer service and beautifully packed items in a very quick delivery time so I am sure I will be pleased.  I will share photos and update when I receive them.

Okay off to make laundry soap, details will follow soon on our success.

Happy Monday!

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