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I think I learn just as much as my children on a daily basis.  Some I may have already learned in school but after a long time my brain probably placed it in the reserve file in a very far corner of my brain.  As many m seoms know and completely understand, I just can’t keep too much information in my brain at one time or I will forget important appointments or class times that must remain in the “current” file.  Anyway I was never a big history fan so most of that information had gone into the very big reserve file and most of the time when I try to access it I get a “this file is corrupt” message, so I don’t bother going in there very often.   So I have been reading lots of history and watching a few historical movies and find that I am amazed at how cool the information is and how eye opening it is too.  I sit and read a variety of history books with the children and I am constantly saying, “I didn’t know that, hmm interesting.”  I must say I like being very aware of what went into getting where we are today.  I hope my children will someday feel the same way.

I saw this quote today by Albert Einstein.  “It is nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of the inquiry.”

So today I am re-learning about various types of education.  I home-school but I want to know more about unschooling, Free School and other various types.  I mostly want to learn if there is more I can incorporate to our daily life but also I am just fascinated with various thoughts on how children learn best.  I am mostly interested in alternative education and right now am reading about Alexander Sutherland Neill.  I am in the process of purchasing a couple of his books, his thinking just seems so inline with mine but so much more to his thought process I am finding him very fascinating and feel like his books should be required reading but that is just me.

Here are a few of his books that I think are worth reading if you are at all interested in other options for child rearing and education.

Oddly I came across Alexander Neill via the following book that came into the shop and I had set aside to peruse through, so very glad I did this is another beautiful book for child rearing.

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