The best homemade bread ever

Yes, I do mean ever.  I have tried a lot of bread recipes, seriously I mean a lot.  I have had a really great sour dough bread, of course if I would quit letting the starter die off,  I would still be eating that too.   I have had some fails,  mostly because of the number of steps involved.   I grew up baking in a bake shop with my mom so I have done some baking before,  but sometimes I just can’t get a recipe to work.
Now I can say in addition to a few epic fails I have now had an epic bread baking success.   This is thanks to this recipe and the wonderful person who shared it.   I have baked this bread recipe now about 4 times and had success all 4 times,  Yeah!!!!
So I knew it was good when I saw the simple ingredients and the quick prep.
I was certain it was good when my son said,  “I like this bread it is soft and fluffy like the bread from the store. ”  The whole family agreed.
Yep a winner for sure.  Most of the times I find a good recipe and usually make a few changes to improve upon it, not this time though, there is no need at all, The Wanna Be Country Girl nailed this, I am hooked and this recipe is here to stay.  
Oh I lied, I did make one change and per my usual it only happened because I made a mistake.  See I turned the oven on and then when the bread was done rising, I put it in the oven and hit what I thought was the timer on button and set it for 40 minutes.  What I didn’t know until about 30 minutes later was that I actually turned the oven off.  My daughter discovered it and called me to come and look at what the bread did.  It was risen good and high, so high the slices wouldn’t fit into the toaster.
So now I do let the bread rise while the oven heats up then I turn of the oven for 20 minutes and let the bread rise in there and then turn it on and bake for 30-40, just until I hear that nice hollow sound my mom taught me to listen for.

See soft and fluffy and oh so yummy.  I have never liked plain homemade bread so much.  Last night we had BLT’s and first I had fresh bacon from the butcher, yummy and then they were assembled on this awesome bread, it just doesn’t get any better.  There is no going back to store bought bread after this.
Happy Baking!
Peace & Love,
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