Spring is so close

I can taste it.  I have to admit I did enjoy this last snow storm.  Only because no one in my house had to navigate the roads to get to work and I had plenty of food in the house, including Girl Scout cookies thanks to my niece.  Yes I know they do not fit the clean and healthy eating I strive for but sometimes you just have to say “what the —-” and go for it.  To make it better there was cheese and crackers, grapes and strawberries and chocolate wine, mmmmm.  The icing on the cake was season 6 of Supernatural.  I probably could have done some writing but I didn’t, I didn’t even get on my computer, just spent the day with my family, a very good day even with arguments and crappy stuff that happens I will always gladly take a day with my family.

Okay so Dave started some seeds for the garden and I am dreamily thinking of all the fresh veggies that will come of those seeds.  This is new for us though because back a few years I had an epic fail with seeds (yeah I know I have those in many spots of this new “from scratch” life).  I planted a load of seeds back about 5 or so years ago and it is safe to say that not one of them made it.  I ended up going to Home Depot, don’t judge me, and buying what I could find that was organic and not organic and we planted those and a few we got from a local farm and it was a good successful year, we decided to avoid seeds from then on, but the last couple of years I have been reading all the gmo uck and such and I really want the best we can possibly have.  So last year Dave researched and what we could plant from seed straight into the ground we did and the rest we bought and were pretty happy because our peppers (all variety) have been abundant, tomatoes eh so so, we ended up buying 25 pound boxes of those from the farm for canning because ours did not produce quite enough to can.  This year we are taking a shot at starting it all from seed, I think this is all a learning experience and we can only get better at it, right?

Anyway we were part of a seed swap last year and for Christmas my sister bought us non-gmo seeds so we have now begun the process of seeding, baby steps.

Here is what Dave has started so far.

In this lovely little tray we Pickled Cucumbers, Sweet Chocolate Peppers, Anaheim Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Red/Green Sweet Bell Peppers, and Sweet Banana Peppers.

So we are crossing our fingers and giving it all the love and attention we can.

Meanwhile this is what our yard looks like again, it had all just melted from the one a few weeks back and we got it again Monday and although I truly enjoyed our snow day at home, you can see why I am looking forward to spring.

Peace & Love

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