Prepping for life on the road – finding a job

I’ve begun doing research for what we’ll need to eventually hit the road full-time. We don’t know how long we want to be on the road. For certain we know we would like to make that happen sooner rather than later. We don’t mind being on the road in our later years but would surely like to make it happen sooner. So while we’ve been looking at our options for an RV or van, there are other things that are needed. Like remote jobs and such. I’m fairly lucky that I’ve been remote working for almost 3 years now. Since January of 2018, I’ve been with a great company where I get to grow and learn. I love writing and hope to make that a big part of my career. I also definitely plan to keep my independent contractor job for may years. Great company and love the work.

I felt it was important to share what I knew in this area. I noticed there are places you can pay some big bucks to learn about remote working. That is cool that folks take the time to put together programs like that. I’m more of a cheapie when it comes to finding work. Luckily about 3 1/2 years ago I was introduced to No affiliate link here folks as this site just offers well researched and vetted remote jobs at no charge. Every remote job I tried out, I found through them. You can find 1099 jobs and W-2 type jobs with benefits and perks too. Since my husband has the benefits through his work I have been able to try out the options for remote jobs. I’m currently an independent contractor with ModSquad. They came along unexpectedly. I was already transitioning to what I thought would be a great fit for me and then I realized I was NOT a salesperson, lol. So when I got the interview with ModSquad I knew I had to take it and off I went. I transitioned to working for just ModSquad and have loved it ever since.

So first I would say stop by Rat Race Rebellion. You won’t believe the number of opportunities and the variety of opportunities. I pop on there occasionally to see if there is something I might like to add on to what I already do. There are some temporary options, some side gigs, and such that can go nicely hand in hand with your main job too.

Looking for a great company to work for? Checkout Modsquad! I feel so fortunate to have found them when I did. I love the work I do and strive to learn and grow within my projects.

Again no affiliate links here. I truly want to be a part of helping folks get on the road or get to work from home and these are the resources I have used successfully.

I would love to hear what other resources folks have found that others might find useful. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy job hunting and happy travels!

Peace, love, and great adventures.


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