Is exercising and eating good fun?

Well food is fun and eating good can be a lot of fun once you find a few quick and easy meals to have under your belt. Plus having a handful of foods you just enjoy snacking on make it very easy. Me, I love clementines and granny smith apples with some peanut butter.

I’ve spent some time looking around and found some fabulous folks who offer their amazing recipes and great ideas. Youtube is a great place to check out when looking into eating Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan too.

Some of my favorite folks I subscribe to on Youtube:


Downshiftology – Not all Vegetarian or Vegan, but hits the GF on the nose and some fantastic recipes.

The Happy Pear


Hana Grace

I can’t believe all the great recipes available out there, it makes it so easy to eat well and make amazingly tasty meals.

While we do have a gym membership and our gym opened back up in July, we held off until September to return. Not for any big reason but dealing with all the new adjustments and me needing the sauna because it just seems to help my Hashimoto’s and makes me super happy, lol. Anyway the sauna is still closed and I’ve had no motivation to go to the gym and my husband wasn’t a huge fan in the first place, we decided there needed to be something in the fitness department. I missed cycling and he missed the treadmill and eliptical. So my husband suggested a cycle.

Done! For our anniversary we bought this:

It arrived and all setup and guess what I found on Youtube? Yep, you guessed cycle classes. So much fun. I like having the kind of push of a class but can keep it short while I’m working to rebuild my body and my strength. I love having the bike here in the house and I love finding another facet of Youtube to enjoy.

I’ve been using my SparkPeople app and my Fitbit to help keep me on track. Tracking my food is so important.

Since moving to being vegetarian in May 2020, my blood work with my new doctor after just a couple of months was already improving. for the first time since my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, my cholestoral was uner 200. While I want to work towards being vegan, I’m taking the slow road there very happy with where I am at.

I was going to simply share the excitement over our new cycle bike and leave it at that, but I was inspired by someone else to embrace where I am at. While I acknowledge I have a goal, I am also proud of where I’m at now in this moment because it took me making changes to get here.

So jumping off from here. These are my photos of where I’m at now. I chose them because while I’m still not where I want to be healthwise, I am where I want to be in my heart. I feel happy and joyful.

Photo courtesy of Peter Russ
Photo courtesy of Peter Rus

I would love to hear what everyone is doing to put their best foot forward.

Love, peace, and joy.

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