Learning to make kraut

I can’t recall if I posted my first attempt a couple of years back on making kraut.  Let’s just say it was not a success, it was not even edible.  I had planned over the last couple of years to try again but never got the courage.  I noticed back in August that KickShaws Downtown Market was offering a class and it even included information AND a SCOBY that we could then prepare into a first fermenting of Kombucha.  Color me happy…..VERY HAPPY!!!

My next visit I inquired if my daughter could attend with me and I signed up.  
This past Sunday we went to the class and there I learned why my first batch was not a success and how to make a successful small batch of kraut.  On my counter at this very moment is my first batch of kraut happily brewing away.  Today it was a bit dry so I followed instructions that were given at the class and we are back in business.
Today I will prepare my first batch of Kombucha in preparation for the 2nd fermenting…I think.  All still so new but so exciting.

I came away from that class with new knowledge and hands on work.  Best combination for me.

For my daughter, who is 14 almost 15, she learns the same way, so she gained a lot of knowledge which is cool, but she really gained a connection to food and why eating in a more healthful way is so beneficial for our bodies.

Anyway true to me I have now researched a simple airlock for fermenting because I am too scatterbrained to keep on top of adding liquid to my kraut.
More to come on that.
If you are local please checkout Kickshaws Downtown Market to find a very thoughtful array of items to help you on the road to healing and being well.  Plus take a look at the education opportunities they are offering.  
This year is so exciting for me.  I learned to make Kraut and soon Kombucha and then in October at another great place I will be learning about wine making.  I feel so thrilled at the thought of working on providing more healthful options for my family.
My beautiful kraut at work.  
This beautiful SCOBY waiting to brew my first Kombucha.

I will post more as I brew the first batch of Kombucha.

Peace, Love and friendship,

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