Kombucha = Happiness

Yes, I actually have a successful batch of kombucha awaiting me to bottle and flavor.  Last Sunday I completed the final class which was learning to flavor the kombucha.  At the time it was still more of a tea tasting product and so I returned the sample bottle I had brought to class with me safely to the jug from whence it came.

A few more days and it was ready to go.  I decided to go for a cherry flavor.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I got six bottles out of my first brew.

And I went away from writing this post for a while and now I have cherry Kombucha and we have pretty much finished off all 6 bottles.  The consensus was that it was too sweet, I liked it but I think they were all correct it was too sweet.  I didn’t really know the measurements, I kind of forgot them. Soooo all in all it was a successful batch.

I should point out that not everyone in your family will think it looks particularly appetizing.  I had comments such as “what it that!”  “Uh that looks really gross, what is it?”  “Do you really drink that stuff?”  I responded with Kombucha and oh the stuff on top is a SCOBY – Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.  I must admit I felt so sciencey and knowledgeable at the moment, but lets be real I got that tidbit from my awesome instructor at Kickshaws Downtown Market and when I went to write it here today I put colony instead of culture.  Yea I got it right because I looked it up.  I plan to go read more about it though, so I understand a bit more of what it actually does.  All I can tell you, it I thought what it produced was yummy.  Plus the success I felt at creating it was pretty cool too.

I have since brewed a second batch first ferment, but messed it up some in that I my brain didn’t properly calculate that a gallon was 16 cups, so I only added a half gallon of brewed tea.  My SCOBY went crazy so much so I was worried something was wrong with it but I sent my photos to the person who taught me how to make Kombucha and where I received my beautiful SCOBY in the first place and after checking them out she said it was fine.  So I was back in business.

My next 2nd ferment is brewing with a ginger flavor.  I will let you know how that turns out.  Of course I have another 1st ferment brewing…..correctly I might add.

Here are some pictures of my cherry kombucha.

Here is the Cherry Kombucha.
Here is what was first happening during my very first ferment. I will add more photos shortly of some of what happened along the way.
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