I love baking

I am truly a baker, I grew up in a bakery when I was young, but there it was work and not the most joyful of situations.  Now as an adult I am feeling the joy and the love of the whole process of baking.  Pretty much since I have had my children, I have enjoyed baking with them and for them.  I have some of the cutest pictures of my children baking with me, once I get them scanned in I will share those.  Yes I said scanned, in the early 90’s I did not own a digital camera so now I must scan all those photos into my computer and alas I procrastinate with that part, but soon I will get that done. =D

So back to baking, Samantha and I baked yesterday.  First we had a failed cupcake batter (it was too heavy and just didn’t taste right).  Then we found a yummy Devils Food Chocolate cupcake recipe and started again and we had success.  Next we really wanted to do something cute and fun on the cupcakes so we hunted for something we could do with fondant but nothing caught our fancy so we came up with this idea of the rabbit just poking his little ears out of the bunny hole.  It was our first attempt with fondant and we NOT in love with that stuff at all…..until we had a bit of success and things began rolling along.  We disliked working with fondant so much we were only going to make five of whatever we came up with and just frost the rest, but as this idea came along and we started rolling and shaping it began to turn to fun.  My daughter got lots of practice making grass with the right frosting tip and I think she gained some muscle too.  We both got practice with rolling and shaping bunny ears from fondant, nothing fancy I know but we are pleased with our completed cupcake and we had loads of fun working together. =D

Here is our finished product.

We ended up with a few more than five.  Looking forward to our next fondant creation.

Happy Easter!
Peace and Love!

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