Have I mentioned….

inside my head I am a gourmet chef, an incredible seamstress, the perfect mom, a great wife, I keep a great house, exercise every day and eat only healthy food, oh I am a size 8 too.   So now for those of you who know me I will wait a moment for you to pick yourself up from rolling on the floor in laughter before I continue.  

In reality I am a so so cook with about 1 in 5 or so, I can bake, hence the reason I am not a size 8, well that and I don’t exercise every day, I can sew but I am average, I think my kids think I am an okay mom, my husband no matter what seems to think I am a great wife (now that’s love), my house is quite disorganized and I wish I ate only healthy foods.
It is hard watching the world around us, I can totally make you think I have it all together, take pictures of my home when it is clean, take only pictures of the projects that turned out perfectly, only show pictures of when I was skinny and only show photos of the healthy meals I cook, but what fun would that be.  Now don’t take this to mean that I don’t strive for more I absolutely do I just like to accept where I am now though, because overall it is a great place.  I have amazing children, a warm home, food to put on the table, I get to be home with my children, they get to learn in a stress free environment and I have a wonderful business that I love.

If you put life in perspective you will see how good it is.  Take the time to start a thankful journal, I plan to so that daily I can be reminded of all the good that is around.

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