Happy New Year

have spent the last week enjoying time off from work and just being with my family and doing a few of my favorite things.   I looked back over the last year and saw much wasted time on my part.  I have spent the last 6 months feeling stressed and overwhelmed and let much of what makes me a whole person fall to the way side.  I sat around making excuses and in general just complaining.  
December 22nd was my last day at work for 2015.  I have spent the time since then finishing Christmas shopping, sewing, hanging with my family, recharging my two high schoolers plan for their education, baking, crying, laughing, being sad, being happy, seeing my family, seeing my friends, recharging my sole, menu planning, and in general trying to find a sense of balance.  I didn’t want to wait for the new year to get a plan, I am so glad I didn’t it takes effort to find balance.  I didn’t want to bite off a huge chunk of resolutions only to fail.  So I am making baby steps and the reason is I have done the, “do it all at once” scenario and failed every time.  I said to my daughter the other day the I am right back where I started, I have made no progress.  Each year I “plan” for this or that and I fail miserably. It is exhausting to try so hard to be successful at whatever it is I am trying to achieve and because I have this disorganized mind and I am good at making excuses, I fail.  Behind the want to change things you have to have the will and acknowledge your failures and not blame others but just own it.  I am owning it, I have reviewed many things this last many days off and realized it comes down to me and I have to change and grow to make successes come my way.  
Here is to growing and changing.  This includes my writing, which is a peaceful place for me.
Peace, love and a very Happy New Year!
PS here are some photos to kick off the new year.
Here is our front porch. My daughter saw idea and wanted this for our porch.  We scored the top garland free at Home Depot.  They have a free box with the tree trimmings.
My dad and I on Christmas Day. ❤️
Antipaste for Christmas Day.
My bottles of homemade Vanilla.
Our first batch of homemade wine.
A bit late but here is a picture from Thanksgiving.
Out of order but here is our wine during processing.
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