EcoQube: Bring Nature to Life…..very cool

I am beyond excited to share this with you.  When I first received the information on the EcoQube I thought that alone was cool but then I learned that it comes with a K-12 curriculum, well being a homeschooler you had to know I was in.  I cannot wait for this to come out, what a fantastic concept, of course I love anything to do with growing plants, sustainability and hands on learning, I can’t wait to get our hands on learning going. =)

Without further ado here is some information direct from the creators of the EcoQube about how you can help them get this great product into everyone’s hands.

EcoQube: Bring Nature to Life

We could all use a piece of nature that we can enjoy or escape to everyday.
The problem is that most aquariums that we put in our homes are not sustainable ecosystems. They need maintenance like water changes, filter replacements, and the occasional algae scrub.

Aqua Design Innovations, an undergraduate UCSD start-up has designed the EcoQube, a compact aquarium that uses plants like basil to keep the water clean.
How does it work? The EcoQube is a recirculating system where the fish produce nutrients for the plants that grow above it. This concept is called aquaponics, a method of sustainable food production that the founders of Aqua Design Innovations, Kevin Liang and Eric Suen, see as the future of organic farming.
The EcoQube comes with a K-12 curriculum about the science behind aquaponics and self sustaining ecosystems. Help Kevin and Eric deliver the EcoQube to homes and classrooms across the country. You can support their Kickstarter campaign here:

EcoQube- Desktop Ecosystem That Grows Flowers and Herbs

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