A fun product and a great gift idea

So I thought I would try to share with you over the next week or some unique gift ideas that add fun, health and all sorts of good stuff to your life.  Today’s item will add fun, organization, laughter, and all sorts of other fun things to you life.

Kidecals are a fun way to personalize your stuff, yea I said stuff again, it is a good word, I like it.

When you arrive at their website you will see they offer lots of labels for kids things, you will find you many fun labels for all your kids stuff, but better than that you will find some pretty fun stickers for YOU!  Now mind you I love buying my kids stuff and it probably needs labels for it so they will quit thinking they picked of their “insert item name here” when they are really holding their sisters “insert item name here” in their hands and then I have to go and mediate the argument, but I didn’t buy them any labels for their stuff, because I can go and order some for Christmas right?  So I bought myself some really fun things from Kidecals.

First I spotted these, but alas they were for Mac (Apple) keyboards only =(.  But they were so pretty so I kept going back and then as I scrolled through I spotted these and while it did say they were for Mac (Apple) keyboards only, I am a bit of a stubborn soul and I decided I was getting them anyway because I like my keyboard to be fun and these will make it fun so I got them and while I have a Samsung laptop and the fit is not what some might call perfect it is so perfect for me, I LOVE them.  Look how cute they are.

Did I mention how much I love them.  I only made one adjustment to the Shift key one on the left, just gave it a slight trim.  Oh my these make me so happy.  They are just so pretty while still being cool looking, just that nice mix between girly and my work boots.

So how are they holding up you ask?  Great!  I am on this keyboard daily as are two of my younger ones and they are not peeling or lifting up anywhere, I think I have had them on a little over 2 weeks.

I know you are excited now, want to see what else I received from there?  I got this and put it on my car because it is so very true.  The hold is fantastic on these.  I don’t see it going anywhere for a long time.

See, cute right?

I had the remnant of an old sticker and this covered it up almost perfectly.  This fits me perfectly and what a cute gift this would make for that hard to buy for person who spend time on pinterest when they should be, lets say writing on their blog or letting the dogs out or maybe making dinner.

And finally last but definitely not least is this.

I am making homemade vanilla, that is another post very soon, needs another week and then I will share.  So anyway I needed a label to put on it so I can give it as gifts and that is how I ended up choosing those.

Here they are in their before adding to the bottle state, because I am not ready to label the bottles yet, so I will add that photo on the vanilla making post.

I will add a “Vanilla” label myself in the spot below our name.  So so cute. I am honestly impressed with these labels overall.  I was kind of thing yea those are fun when I first saw them but really I love how they dressed up my keyboard, my car and I can also use them for gift giving on my homemade goodies.

Thank you Kidecals for the great products!

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