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For those who know me well, you know I like to shop….mmm probably love would be a better word.  I enjoy shopping and finding deals and beautifully made items to bring into my home or to give as gifts.  I love to find something that was crafted and made lovingly by someone.  You can almost see and feel the pride when you hold these items.  All forms of shopping fulfill my need to shop.  This includes grocery shopping, clothing shopping, shopping for decoration and on and on.

Since I was a young girl I have loved shopping and all that goes along with it.  I have even been a personal shopper and would help my long former boss to purchase holiday gifts, birthday gifts and the like.

So when it comes time for me to shop now I am a very conscious shopper, I start out locally for my goods, the farmers market, local small organic markets, a good craft show, nearby stores that I deem acceptable to shop in and so on.  If I cannot find it locally I will scour the internet and my preference from there is that I like my items Made in America as a first choice.  Why?  Well I feel that I am part of a whole and our whole is somewhat falling apart, and to help build it I need to support the companies who are making their products here in the USA.  This will keep people in their jobs and on down the line.  It seems very simple in my head so I follow it.

Recently I shopped a craft show where the vendors were from both my local state and many surrounding states and the products that they offered were made by their hands and presented with pride, I saw it and felt it in the way the talked about their products.  I walked away from that day with some beautifully made soy candles and some of the most amazing handmade soaps for my family.  It was cool to have all these vendors brought into one place and oh how I wish I could find that locally everyday of the week but that is not the case…….However I was recently introduced to a website that has brought some beautifully handcrafted, designed, mixed, etc. Made in the USA treasures into one spot on the web.

A representative from there contacted me to share their wonderful website and of course the Made in the USA caught my eye right away.  I am in love, so many beautiful products and you can tell each is lovingly selected to be included on this website.

Lila Mae is a neat place to find a unique gift, delicious treats for yourself and some beautiful and useful items for your home.

Of course you know the first thing I found was food related Crown Maple Syrup (I mean how do you know click first on the link that says Indulge).

There are things for your home, goodies for everyone in your life and baby too.  I can go on and on and fill the page with links to some of the beautiful products I have seen there.

What I really love is on each product page they give a detailed description, a back story (which tells about the designer, creator, etc of the product) and a green story (this describes the products integrity, you know no gross stuff, made responsibly, etc., see this Nail Polish, you don’t have to wonder if it is safe, love that).

Look for a review of the nail polish soon.

I hope you will take a moment to pop over to Lila Mae and peruse this wonderful website you will be glad you did.

Also wanted to share their official release here, it gives a detailed description of their business.

Online Gift Boutique Combines Patriotism and Eco-Friendly Living by 
Offering Stylish, Sustainable Products Responsibly Made in the USA
January 4, 2013 (Farmington, CT) – Lila Mae (, a new, online shopping destination officially launching this week, presents consumers with an opportunity to help grow the economy, protect the environment and embrace their health and wellness all in one place. The site features a collection of sophisticated, sustainable, small-batch goods for men, women, children and the home, created by 70 independent manufacturers and artisans from 31 states. In addition to being 100% made in the USA, all of the merchandise sold on Lila Mae is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

“Lila Mae is a solution for shoppers who are looking for unique, high-quality, American-made items that are healthy for our bodies, our minds, and the natural resources we all share,” says Heather French, co-founder. Through her work as a brain integration therapist, French experienced first hand the impact of toxins on her clients’ ability to focus and process information. As a result, she began to search for products that would help support their healing. “I wanted the families I was working with to surround themselves with goods that would help them thrive,” adds French.

Similarly, co-founder Ryan Dempsey Argentieri’s personal health challenges, coupled with her background in international business, human rights and environmental sustainability prompted a curiosity about responsibly made items produced in the U.S. where manufacturing practices can be verified with increased certainty. “Heather and I found that although these products are in high demand, they were very difficult to find,” adds Argentieri. Argentieri also witnessed the growth of the manufacturing industry overseas and wondered how the United States might level the playing field. 
Lila Mae now offers a full range of chic giftables and essentials including skin and body care, accessories for men and women, jewelry, fragrance, baby clothing, toys and bedding, home decor, table top, and luxury food items, seasonally… In the coming months, the site will also carry one-of-a-kind, vintage, midcentury furniture and artwork. Products are priced between $25 to $350 with some items (furniture, art) ranging from $500 to as much as $8,000.
“Our site is launching with 70 brands, but we will continue to add more vendors who meet our made in the USA and eco-friendly criteria as we find them,” shares French.
Along with a commitment to an eco-friendly way of life, at the heart of Lila Mae is an unwavering patriotism through its support of small, independent, U.S.- based brands. “At Lila Mae, we think of the United States as one big community,” says French “And with each purchase, we are helping our nation prosper as well as bolstering the livelihood of our neighbors – whether they live around the corner or across the country.”
In addition to its diverse selection of goods, the Land of Lila blog will feature original editorial content covering a wide range of topics centered on health and wellness, the environment, style and American culture. “We like to think of Lila Mae not just as a place to buy a unique gift or stock-up on your favorite skin-care products, but also as a community where we can educate, guide and inspire consumers to embrace the ideals on which the site was founded”, explains Argentieri, “and to celebrate the country in all its richness and diversity.” 

Disclosure: Please bear in mind that some of the links in this post may be affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I will note when a post doesn’t contain any affiliate links as well. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. Note that the wineries and B & B’s don’t contain affiliate links at this time.

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