What’s happening in the garden

So much has changed in the garden, I love this time of year because we are getting closer to picking more from the garden.  We have had bits and pieces but we are so close to the mother load.  Dave started all of our tomatoes from seeds, and most of our peppers too.  Plus the usual, carrots, celery and assorted garden goodies.

So here is where we started, albeit late we got started and these babies and a bunch more were nurtured and cared for with LOTS of TLC mostly from my dear husband.

This was the yard early on too, so barren and boring, but bubbling beneath the ground was some amazing stuff happening.

And here is what happens when we wait patiently and nurture and care for the garden.

Carrots, herbs and a bit of celery.

Beans, beans and more beans.

So many pretty flours growing in the garden.

Cool view of the whole yard.


Blueberries….what is left, the rest were eaten by the birds.

Pretty flours

Fun yard art.  Love displaying our yard sale finds.

Loving these pumpkins, they grew from seeds that fell off the deck last year when we were carving pumpkins, already have two good size pumpkins growing.

First harvest. =)
Here is one section of our tomato plants before we left for vacation May 31st.
Wait until you see them now, check back tomorrow for a photo.
This little cutie was our first peach, we had about 5 of them and then they were gone =(.  Anyway first year they grew so I am happy, maybe next year we will get some edible one.  

Check back tomorrow for a few more updated photos or the garden.

On the homeschool front, we have some new books and are looking forward to sharing more of our adventure on that end too.

Happy Summer!!!!!

Peace & Happiness.

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