Tis the season

Okay I am going to fess up here.  I have begun decorating for Christmas…to be exact we started over a week ago.  I know what you are going to say, something to the effect that it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but I have a reasonable and fair explanation.  It is my daughters fault…..no that is not nice is it, I won’t blame her.  She did have a hand in it, only by asking when we would decorate for Christmas, would it be the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is when we usually get started or the next weekend.  When would I be off?  Oh my gosh I started to panic realizing my time off was going to be limited from Thanksgiving until December 24th.

I have realized that working for a company that sells toys would be rather busy this time of year, uh duh ya think?  Okay so I tend to always look like this chicken with its head cut off, running around last minute cursing myself about why didn’t I start sooner and pretty much yelling at everyone in my house.  So I really don’t want that to happen during the holidays….well actually ever but I will be realistic and aim for a yell-less holiday season to start with.

So now that I have given you the details I am forgiven…right?  Yes of course I am who wouldn’t want their house to be pretty for the holidays and honestly I like that the inside is up and pretty and we get to enjoy it for a wee bit longer this year.  There is still work to be done but the basics are up and ready and so this year we will have a tree up for Thanksgiving.  However, our table will be all decked in Thanksgiving decor, table cloth and all and sort of the surrounding area too.  I will have pictures to prove it.

So here are a couple of pictures of the Christmas decor we have started on.

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