Sunday dinner

I remember when I was very young being somewhere with my dads whole family having Sunday dinner.  This pretty much happened every other Sunday, due to my parents being separated.  So the weekends we were with my dad, he would drive from Virginia to Connecticut, pick us up in our town and head to my grandparents house where we would all spend the weekend.  I loved this my grandpa always had candy for us and then on Sundays we would all gather together for a big Italian dinner.  I miss that.  Today I am home making sauce and meatballs to put over spaghetti.  I love the way my house smells right now.  It brings me back to those dinners together when I was little, I love it!

For the meatballs I simply went to our local butcher.  For my local friends I went to The Olde Towne Butcher and got their local ground beef and pork mix, it was their last three pounds and I bought a pound of their hot Italian sausage to give it some kick, cut onion, added darling powder, oregano and basil and I was done, after all it is Sunday my errands took a bit longer and I like to watch movies while I cook so I kept it sweet and simple.

For the sauce I cooked up about 6 pounds or so of fresh tomatoes from the garden.  I cooked up fresh garlic and onion, blended up my steamed and skinned tomatoes and have been simmering it for about 2 hours.  Yum.

For desert I kept is very simple, my DH has been hoping for oatmeal cookies, so I found this recipe and after tasting one I give the recipe a thumbs up.

Happy Sunday!

Peace & Happiness

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