Summertime Veggies, Sun and Fun

I have been very busy working in the garden, around my home and in the book business.  It is funny how we get this full list of things we need to do but they really have to be done on a rotation I think.  It seems I can’t keep and even steady flow which would be why this blog has been silent for nearly a month.  I have so many updates from the garden and life so I will get to it in bits and pieces in several posts over the next couple of days.

Life in general has been full and wonderful.  We graduated our second child from home schooling on June 21st.  So proud of Aaron! 

In the garden – Week of June 17th 

Oh my lovely and joyful garden is flourishing and growing beautifully, not without its issues mind you, but never the less I really only focus on the good stuff.

Cayenne Peppers

Banana Peppers

Green Beans


I am beyond excited about the corn, we have attempted corn before and we have never had success, now even though at this point there were no ears of corn, the success was that the stalk actually grew more than a foot. =D

Summer Squash

Carrots and Lettuce

Flour of the Eggplant (This is also a first for us)

Tomato plants somewhat in distress with leaves turning yellow but some flours and a few small green tomatoes.

Potato bed
My random garden all but the onions grew from the compost soil, basically from the seeds of the stuff we threw into the compost pile. 


Another watermelon

Our harvest during the week of the 17th of June

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