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I like to smile, since I was a small girl and through some not so great times I still always smiled.  My step-mom often tells me that my children smile just like I did when I was young, that makes be extremely happy.  I didn’t and don’t always feel happy, I don’t think life is perfect, but every single day I always feel thankful and blessed and know that life is a gift and I can choose to make it a good day or a bad day.

So the basics are that I am married to David, he is more than a girl can ask for and loves me every single day and yes even on the bad days. =D  We have been gifted four amazing children, Nolan, Aaron, Daniel and Samantha.  Before you ask, no we did not keep going until we had a girl.  We are a home-schooling family and have been since our oldest child began Kindergarten.  So far I have graduated one and will graduate another this June, 2012.  Talk about a crazy, exciting, magical, suspenseful and all around wonderful adventure.

I live in Virginia but am always looking for another cool or rather warm place to live where I can grow my garden larger and have some chickens.  I lean towards organic goods and prefer to have food from our own garden when we can.

I am a wild, eccentric, creative, earthy hippy…..stuck in an ordinary person’s body.  =D

I also run a book business with my family, this business naturally grew out of our home-schooling adventure, as I continually bought more books than we truly needed.  So I began selling the extras and now have grown to an inventory of over 7000 books.

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