So much to do so little time, so sometimes you just dive in

I have so many things I want to do and slowly but surely I plan to get it all done.  As usual though I am running behind and constantly leaving things to the last minute, like the end of year testing for the kids per my usual MO I waited to test them until the end of last week, ugh, sometimes I wonder what I am thinking, if I would just do these things on time I wouldn’t be here at the last hour hoping the results get back to me in the mail in time to get them to the county, boo on me.  Oh well onto other fun things on my list, like canning.  Now of course lets remember I tend to procrastinate and usually my crop has gone rotten by the time I even remember to buy jars, ha.

So on Saturday at the farmers market my husband spots a box of tomatoes for $10.00, I would guess it had about 20+ pounds in it, so now the pressure was on, how could I dare let this box of goodies go to waste.  The good news was that I had jars and lids, a large pot and pretty much all the tools needed to can.  I had minimal knowledge on the subject of canning but over the last couple of months I have been reading, asking questions and and as I said gathering the materials needed for successful canning.  I was at the farmers market in early July and there was a table there having to do with all sorts of tips and tools for gardening, canning and other things I can’t recall, so I picked up the literature and then asked the woman if she knew anything about canning and she said there was only one book I needed, The Ball Blue Book guide to preserving.  I happened to spot this book sitting on the shelf at Walmart where they shelve the canning products. I am so glad I found this book, I will tell you this book has it all and it is written so you will understand the process for each thing you want to preserve.  The recipes are clear and tell how long to process.  Love it!  If you think you can’t can this book will change your mind.

Yesterday I successfully canned tomato sauce and salsa, so that $10.00 box of tomatoes yielded us 3 quart jars of Tomato Sauce and 10 pint jars of Jalapeno Salsa.  I am a happy camper and feel very proud and now I can’t wait to preserve more from my garden and the farmers market.

Peace & Love

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