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Allergease All Natural Herbal Supplement- Children’s Seasonal Support.  
I received these little treasures in the mail back in the spring and I am really happy we had them.  Now first a disclaimer, I know it says “Children’s”, but my youngest here is 14 so the testers here were all 14 and up.  I decided to have my whole family including myself and a few co-workers use these when we felt the onset of allergies and sinus issues. 
So out of 9 people who tried them only my second oldest son did not care for the taste, the rest of us were pleasantly surprised and would have just had them even if we didn’t need to because they were yummy.  
The big question was did they work?  Well each one of us who took them for allergy issues felt they helped relieve our symptoms quite nicely and I feel like our itchy eye, sneezy and scratchy throught season was short lived due to these.  I feel like mid to late June never arrives soon enough as we suffer from seasonal allergies that seem to wane and disappear by mid-June.  This year each time we felt the itchy nose or scratch nose we grabbed an Allergease and the symptoms seemed to pass.  We all agreed they definitely made a difference.
The best thing about these is that they are all natural.  We didn’t feel drowsy either.  You can check out more information about them here.
Another note is that we didn’t feel like we had to take multiple pops to get relief.  
Here are a few details from the company:
Below are some other awesome attributes of our delicious mixed berry lollipops:
  • All-Natural
  • Non Drowsy
  • Fast Acting
  • Gluten Free
  • Dye Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Created by a medical doctor
  • For Ages 4 and Up
So we give Allergease Children’s Seasonal Support Pops an A+.  Definitely check them out I am so glad we had the opportunity to try these out.  I will be keeping a box in my cupboard.
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