Like a snowball that starts out small and rolls down a hill and boom there it is this massive ball of snow, yep that is kind of my path lately.  However when you look around you and see how much bigger others snowballs are you realize that this is managable and if you start now you can get back to a better place.

So I wrote that in reference to my recent diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. Honestly, it was this huge relief for me to hear that this is what I had.  While I am working on dealing with this so I can feel better again, I have become even more hyper-aware that in the world around me people are dealing with huge things. I see that we each have a stack on our plates and no matter what it looks like from the outside it is not all sunshine and roses, but you can choose how you move forward.  I choose to create the sunshine and spread joy and kindness to those around me, even when I don’t feel so great.

So now on to the good stuff, while we had just a small garden this year of tomatoes, cayenne peppers, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers (hot and sweet) and a good bunch of herbs.  The tomatoes have been canned into stewed tomatoes, salsa, pizza sauce and some have been frozen.  The peppers have become jelly, salsa, pickled and relished.  I feel so accomplished.


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