On being a mom

I have known since I was about 10 years old that when I grew up I wanted to be a mom.  My dreams came true almost 22 years ago when I gave birth to my first child, a son.  Nolan is the one who introduced me to motherhood.  I worked part time after he was born but I knew in my heart home was where I wanted to be.  People told me I would be bored sitting at home with my child, um let me insert here that has sooooo not been true, boredom never entered the picture.  I am thankful that when Nolan was 15 months old and I was about 5 months pregnant with our second I was able to come home full-time.  I have always treasured that gift.  When Nolan was 19 months we had Aaron.  Aaron taught me how to be thankful for each moment after scare while I was pregnant with him.  Then I got to be a mom to brothers, so cool.  When Aaron was a little over 2 we found out we were pregnant with out third, we were thrilled.  Sadly when I was 20 weeks pregnant our little boy’s heart stopped beating.  We learned about love and loss, our hearts were broken.  Our little family of four spent time cuddling and recovering and growing and learning together.  Then we began our homeschooling adventure, we laughed a lot, we cried some and we got mad at each other some too.  That is life parenting is not perfect, we learn as we go; there are things in me I would have changed and things I have improved upon as the children have grown.  When Aaron was almost five Daniel was born and I learned how to have a baby and children doing school, boy scouts, playing soccer and still getting to fit some crafting too.  Life got busy but awesome.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better we welcomed Samantha and now we had 2 homeschooling children, a toddler and newborn.  WOW life can get interesting, but never ever has it been boring.  We were so wrapped up in it we never even saw the time pass.

So why has this all come into my head now?  Well it is because Aaron is getting ready to leave for 5 months to participate in the Disney paid internship program.  I am beyond excited for him.  I am proud, happy, excited, sad, and oh so many more emotions as he will be my first to leave our home.  It went fast, really fast.  One minute he was a newborn and I was holding him in my arms oh so thankful he was here and healthy and the next he is an adult heading off to make his own way.  Ah so totally bittersweet.  This is the moment we parent for, so that our children are strong and secure and fully capable of taking care of themselves and being awesome wonderful people on this amazing earth.

I wish you all happy parenting, love, peace and happiness living in the moment so you don’t miss a second.

Aaron and Poppy, working their hats.
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