Many Changes

UPDATE! So I just wanted to update this post to mention that I am still with the amazing Modsquad. With the plans we have coming working remotely will be the perfect option and it has been a great 2 1/2 years with this amazing company. So thankful to have found that post on Rat Race Rebellion about this company and so glad I took the risk and applied and then went for the interview when they reached out. I was honestly afraid of so much change all in one short time, but sometimes man, you just gotta change it up.

Definitely a new year for sure, but the changes have been occurring since last summer. While I fought them, in my heart I knew it was time for a change.

Knowing that there is no perfect life, but absolutely there is a good life, helped me go with the changes and eventually accept them. I had not been writing because I was smack in the middle of life. It has been a roller coaster for sure. I have learned a lot, been hurt by people I trusted and now I am healed from that hurt. Sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens. I have been pleasantly surprised by what I can do and by how amazing my family is. I have learned the true meaning of friendship as well.

I am so excited to continue on my new path, it has been adventurous so far, and changes continue each week. I have gained so much confidence over the last 2 months and now have 2 new jobs. Well to be exact since November, I have been hired for a new job, then hired for a 2nd job and rehired for a 3rd that I love to do each year as it is just a temp job that gets me outdoors, all while hanging in desperation on to the small part of my old job that I had for 3 1/2 years, only because I was afraid to let go. Then about the 18th of January it came to me, I was ready, it was this moment of clarity that is was time. So I let it go last week and I let the first new job go as well, all proper by the way, with a 2 week notice because I am that kind of person who wouldn’t just up and walk away.

So now I was just down to 2 jobs both part-time and I just got another job offer, this one is for an independent contractor with a fantastic company, but also with freedom. WOW, Yes I was overwhelmed and overjoyed. I am truly excited for my continuing adventure. I will share more as I settle into what will be the best fit for me. I told my sister I feel like someone opened my bird cage door and I am free. So awesome.

I also can’t wait to get in the garden this year. I have spent too much time not putting my feet in the dirt. I have such a fantastic herb garden, thanks to my darling husband, so this year that area will get lots of nurturing.

Okay. That is my little tidbit to jump back on the road to writing, that is truly my first love and it has grossly been neglected.

Much love, peace & happiness sent to you all.


PS, if you are looking for some great jobs you can do from home – stop by Rat Race Rebellion, they are why I have a new beginning in the work at home customer service field.

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