Life is always good

I truly and deeply feel this EVERY single day.  I don’t always show it, I let me bad attitude get in the way sometimes, but then I always go back to that feeling that I know life is always good.

I was reading through a manuscript written by my Grandfather and as I read each of his thoughts I was so touched.  I myself have some thoughts that I know the conformed do not agree with.  I think very far outside the box and I also believe that we have a duty to treat each other with kindness and understanding.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of quotes from his manuscript (this manuscript is to me sort of a rule book for good behavior for all humankind).  He wrote this in 1950.  My family came from Italy and I am sure there are lots of stories to tell but I found it so interesting that he chose this to share.  He is sharing how he can be a good person in this life.  He titled the book “The Journey of our Brief Life in this Curious World.”

Here are some of his quotes:

“Love relatives, friends and everybody in the world.”
“Never be high hat, it makes other people feel inferior.  We are all equal in all modes of life.”
“Do not harm anyone, not even your enemy.  If you do not want to speak well about him, do not speak at all.”
“Have faith and hope in wishing for things even though your desires may not be granted.”

There are 10 chapters of these and I am just purely touched to know what a good and kind person he was, he believed in loving all, forgiveness and just being a good person in general.

I was thinking how we spend a good amount of time teaching our children about good behavior but then we as adults don’t follow some of those very important rules.

Something to think about.  Today I will make sure I say thank you to each and every person I encounter and I will wave to each of my neighbors. =D

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