Just in from the garden..

Pepper, peppers and more peppers.  We had a lull in pepper production and then as it has cooled off they have begun overflowing the bushes.

So yesterday I made one of my absolutely most favorite dishes ever.  Since I was a little girl the smell of sausage and peppers has made me smile.  Now it brings me heartwarming memories of family.  Every August we would have a family reunion and one of the dishes my Aunt Ann would make was sausage and peppers and then when we would get ready to drive back to Virginia my aunt would pack us a bag with sausage and pepper subs for the road.  Our family reunions were my absolute favorite trip.  We would drive to Connecticut and usually spend a bunch of days visiting with family and then gather with everyone on a Sunday for a big family reunion.

So yesterday I was cooking sausage and peppers and a wonderful warm feeling of family and great memories came with that amazing smell of the sausage and peppers.  Cooking is so amazing.  You get so many great feelings with food.  I love the memories some dishes bring me and love when I discover a new dish that is so amazingly delicious that I want to make it every day.

Here is my recipe for Sausage and Peppers (originally made with love by Auntie Ann and I altered it a bit and seem to change it each time I make it just depending on my mood and what I have on hand =D  )

1 pound Sausage or 2 if that makes you happier
Bunch of peppers (since I pulled these from my garden I used about 10-12 because they are not the big ones like the grocery, but they are oh soooooo much better)
2 Banana Peppers or more if you like
A good drizzling of Olive Oil, I usually layer the bottom of a glass pan, mix some with the sausage and peppers and then drizzle some on top too.
Italian seasoning like 2-4 tablespoons
I used Garlic Powder (but if you have a few minutes brown some fresh garlic in a pan with olive oil and mix it in the taste is amazing)
A bit of salt and pepper to your taste.

Mix it all together, bake on 350 for 25-35 minutes.

I honestly don’t measure my ingredients on this one just have fun with it.

I forgot to take a picture of the end result, but here are the peppers I used, fresh picked from the garden.


So what do we have growing in the garden?  Let’s see I put in carrots and broccoli in August and now I just added, cauliflower, lettuce and some cabbage.  We are still seeing new red tomatoes daily and all our peppers are coming in daily as well.

Our yard is changing daily it seems, my dh has done some beautiful work and has more in the works, but here is where we are at so far.

Here is near the beginning of digging by hand.

Digging still in progress, fire pit near done and the wall in progress.

The back wall completed, digging pretty much done and some of the plantings have gone in.

Walls are complete, the lower wall was added along the way,  I just love it.

Stay tuned for a shot of this stage completed.  It looks so beautiful with the sod in and some beautiful black mulch.  
Peace =)

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