Happy Fall and Lovely Flowers

While we are in the midst of getting ready to head out on another winery trip and I can’t wait to share that with you, I wanted to share some photos of our lovely garden. This space my husband has given so much love and TLC to over the years we’ve been in this house is my favorite place to be at this moment. So I thought it would be a good time to wish everyone a happy fall and share our lovely flowers that continue to bloom and grow in the garden.

In the spring he found some of the many flower seeds I collected over the time, with hopes of planting and such but I never got around to. He put a few packets in the ground and let me tell you those flowers GREW.

Early in July

We actually were not sure where these came from because so much time passed from putting the seeds in the garden, we added other plants we picked up along the way on clearance from Lowes and other garden places, which were definitely taking off, but the reddish plants in the lower area were from the seeds. They have just gone above and beyond took over the tomatoes and such. I love it.

October 2020
October 3, 2020

My husband built this beautiful arbor for the grapes and I love it. That cute garden sign we found at this crafty vintage antique shop a few years ago and now it has a home.

The hard part about the thought of moving full-time to Vanlife will be not having a garden, but then again we will be able to see the all the landscape of this beautiful country. So there is a trade off and also finding new adventures and ways to contribute to the earth. I am making a list of the community gardens around the country as that could be a fun way to fulfill the gardening time. Plus I stink at remembering to pick all the herbs and such, so there is that, lol.

While we are here in our beautiful home of over 16 years we will continue to tend to the garden and love this beautiful space we share with our amazing children and adorable dogs.

Much peace, love and harmony.


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