Happy 4th of July

Once again I seem to be returning from a hiatus.  Sometimes you get sidetracked from one of your loves, writing is one of those loves for me, but with good reason I got sidetracked.  It seems such a short time ago I wrote of my son leaving and while the time was slow going while he was gone it truly went by very fast.  He returned home in May.  We spent a good bit of time preparing a new room for him since he decided to stay with us until he has a new job back here in Virginia.  So we decided to do some work to the house.  We painted a room for our oldest son and he took off on making that a good space for himself.  Then we painted the new room for AJ, he is the one who returned from the Disney College Program and while we were at the redecorating we hit the hall bathroom upstairs.

So here are a few photos of our make overs.

Paint can work miracles.  So I forgot to take before pictures, but the bedroom has been a few colors the last being a purple, now it is a steel blue. I found that adorable bed at a yard sale for $50.  My daughter and I gave it 3 coats of paint.  The little night stand was a purchase I made summer before last from Goodwill for only 6.99 and again a few coats of white paint and we were good to go.  The mirror was also a yard sale find that we gave a couple coats of paint on as well.
The bathroom was originally blue with puppy stickers.  We found a cool green paint and simply painted the wood cabinets black.  
I am very pleased with the outcome of both rooms.
There are the first two completed projects.  I will share the other bathroom and some fun projects too over the next few days.  
Also coming up a review of what turned out to be a great product .
Peace and happiness,
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