Fun craft idea

Here is a fun little craft, that is quick and easy.  I have been used a Tupperware container for my compost bucket and I really need to have something more fun and with a handle so here is what I came up with.

Compost Bucket

You will need:
One large can – I used the clean and label removed 102oz can from my tomatoes I used in my tomato sauce the other day.
Pipe Cleaners

This was just nice sit on my front porch with some paints and newspaper and paint project, no big set up unless you don’t have paints in your house which could have been me except I bought some in December and never did the project (that is so typical me, grand ideas and no time to complete them).

I used the hammer and a nail to punch holes on either side of the can,  I simply hammered the nail from the inside out into the wood, then put the wood inside the can and hammered outside in to flatten the metal from the hole.  Sanded the can a bit not much just basically rubbed it around the can a few times.

I used the rounded edge of this landscape timber to hammer the hole flat.  There was a bit of metal sticking out once I punched the whole with the nail so that is what I was hammering back in, basically a quick tap pretty much does it.

Here is the paint I used and the sealer above.

Painted 2 base coats.

I added a double coat of the blue and then  added the strips of pink, wrote the name in blue with  pink accents.  Let is dry and then coated with the polyurethane and let it dry overnight.

This morning I took the pipe cleaners and put one end in with about a 2 inch tail, wrapped the tail up and then took another pipe cleaner and began wrapping from the bottom, added an extended piece by wrapping together, put the end outside in through the hole and twisted up again, I again wrapped another cleaner around this to reinforce and then one for a bit of padding, not much but I just liked it.  You can really just use thick wire and then cover it with duct-tape or get creative with your handle, I just used what I had so as not to spend any money.

Happy Crafting =)

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