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With what is currently happening in our world, I’m finding it very hard to find a happy place to exist. Social media is full of folks bullying others if they don’t wear a mask, for going shopping, or buying something that the person doing the judging deems “non-essential.” Even for going for a walk even in the fresh air. I’ve said it before, we don’t know what each person has going on in their life and we need exercise and we need plants or a craft item just as much as we might need food. This brings mental health.

I can’t get away from these folks who have taken it upon themselves to judge others. Even on our neighborhood app people are proclaiming their demands of others. I’ve seen it in my crafting groups. Along with all of my groups that were supposed to be for enjoyment.

Just a good amount of sadness, stress, and depression. Say what you want, I get it, it’s not all about me, but I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. We sit in silence trying to make heads or tails of this. Going out was my therapy and now it is utter chaos. It takes 10 times longer to get stuff done and people are rude. It takes me some wine and a couple of hours to decompress.

I want to give a shout out to all the workers out there who have been rocking the stores and dealing with customers day in and day out. They are awesome. Woo hoo for all the folks who keep doing what they do, trash pickup, and food delivery. How about the restaurants who had to adjust to this in a swift and short time frame. There are so many who are trying to adapt as things keep getting thrown at them. They are doing a phenomenal job. I am in awe.

What have I learned? Buying local is important! Go to the farmers market, find your local farmer to purchase directly from, and keep close to home. I feel happiest shopping at Target versus all other big box stores. Belonging to a great wine club helps. I mentioned them in my very first Winery Wednesday. Roger’s Ford Winery delivered to my front door, they are the best. Lots of other wineries are doing the same. Seek them out. I’ve also learned there are some amazing human beings and some awful human beings. I’m going to focus on the amazing ones, it keeps me on the side of joy.

So that is my bit about the current situation. Short and not full of the vast emotions I’ve experienced over the last couple of months, lol. Now onto the other amazing things in my life. The garden, the dogs and the humans.

The garden is amazing, the work my husband puts into this space is just beyond. He makes it such a special place to be. We are going to have peppers, herbs, and tomatoes for food and lots of pretty flowers.

Wishing you find loads of peace and joy no matter what. Here’s hoping we can be less judgemental of one another and more supportive and encouraging. I’m off to find a happy place.

Peace, Love and Joy!

Find a happy place in the  Garden
This beauty thrives all year long.
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