Yeah that word pretty much describes EVERY facet of my life. I like way too many different things and want to delve into each one in bits of pieces with not much order but totally by how my mood is feeling at that time.

Lately, I have been in a baking mood. I made truffles and chocolate bark (by accident with the leftover dipping chocolate) for all my valentines…meaning my dear husband, wonderful children, and their significant others. Made my heart so damn happy I tell ya.

Then yesterday because I had been so inspired by my creations for valentines, I wanted to try more. So I made M & M chocolate bark, Gluten-Free White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies, and Rice Krispy treats (these happened in an effort to clean out an open bag of marshmallows that were sticking together and a leftover box of Crispy Rice cereal (yeah I said Crispy Rice as some off-brand accurately named it this and it does the job).

Then I made Jambalaya last night in my Instant Pot (yeah my awesome sister got me one for Christmas, me who got rid of her stovetop one because it instilled fear in me, lol. So my first thought was no way, nope not using it). Well, I have used it ALOT!!!!!! The best thing ever.

This morning I made Gluten-Free Donuts (um yeah great choice, I am making these suckers to take everywhere I go). Story of how I found the best recipe coming shortly after I get this posted. If I don’t hit enter this post along with about 10 other posts will sit unpublished and that is not going to make me happy at all.

I can’t be the only blogger who intends to write but then gets so wrapped up in what they are doing and being…eclectic (errrr or can’t stick to just one set thing and have to start many things at once) I forget to focus and write it down.

So in the name of my New Year’s resolution, which was simply this and only this, I will do what I say I am going to do. So far so good. It is an intentional act and a constant kicking my own ass into shape and remember to stick to it. (Memory is a bit iffy these days with Hashimoto’s but no excuses).

So far I have stuck to my gym schedule, I have created many lovely things with my beautiful chalk painting products, cleaned my office, began listing stuff on eBay, focused more while working, began the pile of sewing repairs (actually just one left but it will take a bit of ingenuity to fix it), posted in Instagram more regularly, updated my business Facebook page to reflect my business as well, scheduled to do a craft show in March, reconnected with my dearest friend, and more all while staying in love with my husband and being present to the best of my ability with my amazing children.

No perfection just commitment, once I let go of what a perfect picture looked like, it became easier to accomplish things. So, for now, I am signing off, but I am posting again later this afternoon with the pictures of some of my creations both in the kitchen and in the craft room, so stay tuned.

Much Love, Peace and Happiness!Dawn

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