Day 4 another yummy dinner

Okay tonight I put together Enchiladas a request from my dear husband.  As I said I am really aiming to cook completely from scratch and since I did not have enchilada sauce in a can in the cupboard I took the opportunity to make that from scratch.  However I had no clue what was even in the Enchilada sauce so I Googled it and found this wonderful recipe on The Mija Chronicals for a beautiful homemade sauce.  Warning: it is HOT, next time I will follow her advice and start with 2 of the Serrano Peppers, but tonight it will be spicy.

So here is what I did for Enchiladas

1 C Sweet Peppers chopped (remember I said I would be using these quite a bit this week so here they are again)
1/2 C Onions chopped
4 Cloves Garlic

Saute these in about 2-3 T Olive Oil for a good while, you want them fully browned and just yummy, the flavor is unbelievable.  At the end I added 1/2 t Salt and 1/2 t Cumin and let it cook about a minute more.  I could put this on toast and eat it the taste with the sweet peppers is amazing.  Set this aside to cool.

Next take

3 C Grated Cheese
1 C Sour Cream
1/3 – 1/2 C Chopped Onions

Combine in a bowl and add some pepper and mix in the sauteed mixture.

Then take 12 – 13 Flour or Corn Tortillas 

Put tortillas in the sauce mixture, I removed the extra just had them lightly coated because of how hot the sauce is.  Put about 1/4 C mixture in each, roll and put in Pyrex baking dish.  I ended up with 13 and I did stack about 5 of them on top of the bottom layer.  I then put the remainder of the sauce lightly around the pan.

Cook this for 20-25 minutes then top with more grated cheese, I leave this up to you I will only use a small amount but you may want more.  Cook 5 minutes more.

I am going to put a side of chopped up Avocado because I love them.

Here is the homemade Enchilada Sauce from The Mija Chronicals and usually I like to make changes to recipes but this truly needed no changes and I should have followed her advice on the 2 peppers.

Here is the final product

My final tips – I used Corn Tortillas, next time I will use flour, I like the consistency of the flour better than corn.  I will eventually try to make my own flour tortillas too but for now I will look for the ones with the fewest ingredients and no gross stuff.  I think the corn almost mush up and the taste is lost a bit.  The flavor in these was amazing, hot but wonderful.  If you want to taste more of the ingredients make sure to use only one or two Serrano Peppers.

Feedback from family:  It was spicy hot but good, use flour tortillas next time and shouldn’t the sauce be browner and poured on the top at the end like at the restaurant.  So I will look into that for next time.  Overall a respectable hit.
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