I love Christmas!  This year will be different, my second born son will not be home for Christmas this year.  This is my first one with one of my children not present.  I am a little sad, but all the same I am thankful to have my husband, my first born son, my third born son and my beautiful daughter to spend the day with.  Aaron’s presence will be missed, we all know it but I am not one to wallow because I know he is here on this earth working at Disney and having a wonderful time and that he is happy, that is all I need to be happy.  So we are talking about changing things up, maybe going to dinner on Christmas Eve, checking out the local lights and whatever else we feel like, we will not be stuck in tradition.  Tradition while beautiful and wonderful can also be binding, I think it is time to break free a bit and try something new.

I will let you know what we come up with, for now here are some of the photos of the decorations we put up this year.  I am very pleased with the outcome.

First up is our favorite vintage area.  I love this stuff, we have found most of this beautiful stuff over the last 20 years and a small handful came from childhood.

Next up we have another favorite area, that has our village pieces and the room where our main tree is.  After almost 10 years we had to replace this tree and I am very pleased with this lovely tree we found to replace it.

I saw something like the window pictured below, made with a 6 pane window, on pinterest.  We picked up this cute window at an odd yard sale, more like a resale of parts and pieces sale that had lots of building supplies and some cool antiques.  At the time all I knew was that I wanted it, no clue what for, I just wanted it.  So happy I had this little gem in the garage (note to my dear husband, thank you for putting up with my overflow of pieces to paint or decorate in the garage).  Anyway I also have a great collection of cool ornaments both old and new, that top red one I got from this great little shop in downtown Fredericksburg – Hooked, you can follow them on Facebook here –  Anyway the two blue ones I have had for years, can’t recall where they came from and the lower beautiful red one also escapes my memory of whence it came, but I love it.  I was going to scrape, sand and paint and my daughter advised me that would not be a wise choice, so I washed and vaccumed the crevices and left it as it, boy was she right, so glad I let it be.

 Our village collection is a collection of love.  We all find various ones we love or pieces that we must add, but truly the gift of finding many of these treasures is my daughters, she had an eye for what she likes and wants to add, it has turned out quite beautifully.

Here is the entry hall where I kind of went for a woodsy cabin feel… least that was my goal, but with my own touches.

Trying to work on taking a variety of pictures and couldn’t resist some black and white shots, I am quite pleased with them, glad I gave it a try.

 So that is it for now, stay tuned for some Christmas cookie recipes and other fun photos from this beautiful Christmas season.

Peace & Love

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