Bought my first Christmas gift & why I love Target

Yes I know it is the 7th of December and some people are actually done shopping and probably even have their gifts wrapped, well let me just say that is never gonna happen here.  Anyway I won’t say what I bought but it was something I was going to buy at Barnes & Noble but Target was offering a $20 gift card which I can use to buy another one or well anything in the store you want to.  Plus I happened to be on their website and saw they had a coupon to get a $10 gift card when you spend $50.  Now if you happen to ever make it in and out of Target spending less than $50 let me know I may have to give you an award.  So now I have $30 in gift cards that can be used towards another gift plus at the end of my $50.00 transaction an $8.00 off purchase coupon spit out.   So the moral of this story is to check Target before buying anywhere else.

My top 10 Reasons I love Target

1. The store is usually very clean and tidy (my house is a mess so it is nice to go somewhere and shop that is clean and tidy for a break from the chaos)
2. They are not Walmart
3. They actually ask me if they can help me find something
4. They are friendly
5. They have that 5% back card tied right into checking so you don’t have to build up debt to get a discount, love that.
6. My son works there. (I am proud of him and the great job he does while at work)
7. Did I mention they are not Walmart (I have an aversion to Walmart.  I once went in asking for help with an HP printer I was interested in and the guy told me he knows nothing and that Walmart won’t spend the money to train them with electronics…WHAT! Dude you are working in electronics and you have  no knowledge of the products (I mean I am not asking that he knows it from top to bottom but just basic stuff and if they carried any other HP printers than the one on the end cap, do you even know where the aisle is that the printers are in?)
8.  They offer deals by giving gift cards and coupons. (Check their website and scroll to the bottom and find the word Coupon and your will find many coupons there than can then be combined with a manufacturer coupon)
9.  They have a Starbucks inside (it could really be any coffee place I just like coffee)
10. They have some of the coolest decorations for your home there.

I could really do top 20 but I won’t, let me just say I choose them for most my shopping needs including some groceries.  They sell organic grapes at a decent price. =)

Okay I am off to craft today, Sam and I are making some really cute things, I will share pictures when we are done.

Peace & Happiness =)

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