Being Thankful and Relaxed

I have decided that on Facebook each day I will make a note of what I am thankful for.  I just like doing that sometimes and with all the garbage out there about the elections and the posts that seem to frazzle me at will I needed to find something to just be positive about and being thankful on purpose each day just seemed to fit.

So I will include them here each time I post just for fun.

November 1-4

Day 1 (30 Days of being Thankful) I am thankful for my family – because no matter what they always make me smile.

Day 2 (30 Days of being Thankful) Today I am very thankful for coffee =D

Day 3 (30 Days of being Thankful) I am thankful for Saturdays.

Day 4 (30 Days of being Thankful) I am just plain old thankful for everything today. So much good stuff to be thankful for.

Now I have a I have also decided to make it a habit to share some wonderful ways just to relax and enjoy the holidays.  Yes it is possible to do that.  I found a great little purse size book about a stressless holiday and it dawned on me that I have already begun practicing that this year.

Here is the book (I found my at Books-A-Million for $3.95)

I knew this year I wanted to have a cookie exchange with some family and friends which got me to thinking I needed to get invites out early so I went to to see what they had and what I found was the best little spot ever, they had a link to Tiny Prints.  I ended up ordering my party invitations and having the return address and the addresses of the recipients printed right on the envelopes (yes, it cost extra but it was reasonable and a big time saver), I will have no excuse for not getting them out on time I just need to add a stamp, but if you are extra busy you can purchase the stamps there and they will put them on and send them out for you too.  While I was visiting their lovely website I ended up getting my Christmas cards done too.  Are you impressed?  I did that last week and they arrived on Friday beautifully done, recipients address and return address done.  I am so thrilled sending cards out will be a breeze this year.  Now as long as I don’t leave them in the trunk of the car until February like I did last year =D.  Maybe I should have taken them up on the offer to ship them out directly from there.   Definite a no stress way to get out invitations and Christmas cards.

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