Be Kind, Live Joyfully, and drink wine (and coffee)

I often keep my eyes focused on the future, what might happen, where are we headed, and so on. I realize there are important things to focus on now too. Right here in the moment. My family for one, they are the heart and soul of who I am. Adventures for another, we were always on that once or twice a year trip lifeline, in between our souls would long for the beach or the trip/adventure of choice. Then I started thinking it would be fun to travel once we retired. Maybe to have an RV and roam for longer periods and to have that freedom to travel more often.

Then 2020 happened and we found Youtube. Well, we had youtube and I’ve watched quite a few videos since first joining in 2011. It started with Khan Academy videos because we were homeschooling and Khan Academy is amazing. So most of my Youtube history from 2011- 2018 is filled with learning videos, a random how-to or fix-it type video, and random videos for gaming (likely from the kids). Plus I noted there was also the occasional Big Foot, giant sea creatures, sharks, and crazy weather videos. Slowly from about 2016 and forward you see the discovery of crafting and sewing videos. All the being said to mean we had no idea there were “series” like shows you could watch.

My husband found a show on Amazon Prime called Travels by Narrowboat. My son noticed him watching the show and was like, “you know you can watch all of those on Youtube.” This opened up the wormhole that is Youtube. From there he discovered a show called Cruising the Cut. I think the real dream grew larger from there. You know the, ‘sell everything and travel on in something’ dream. In one of his episodes, he talked about other Youtube channels he enjoyed watching. This is where The Indie Projects first caught our attention and facilitated the dream to travel in a van or small RV. From The Indie Projects, we learned of Eamon & Bec and the dream kept growing. This was our daily “deal with being stuck at home more often than we were used to” medicine. We have since followed many other vanlifers and full-time RVers so the dream continues to grow. The ultimate joy that exudes from these folks is inspiring and so commendable to put themselves out there for all to see. They will never know the true inspiration they are to us, but I do appreciate what they do.

Another thing that 2020 highlighted is that we were waiting, waiting for retirement, waiting to downsize, and so on. Our children are now all adults and they all lived with us in 2020. I am so beyond grateful for that. We got to spend time together, a time I didn’t realize would soon come to an end as my 2nd oldest moved to a home of his home in early 2021 and my oldest will head to a home of his own in a couple of months. It is this slippery slope to an empty home. I am well aware that is how life goes. It doesn’t mean I have to let go gracefully, lol.

Anyway, another thing we did in 2020 was from August to October we did three trips to visit more of Virginia’s beautiful wineries, antiquing, and just general adventuring. This is when I am at my best. No, not because of the wine. It is because I love to travel, visit places, meet people, see the scenery, and find great little coffee shops along the way. I realized that waiting isn’t a requirement, we can begin adventuring now. We’re getting ready to head off in May for a little adventure. We love the planning, the drive to each location, and some of the funny things, that I totally wished I had shot a video of. We followed Google Maps and once ended up on a mountain dirt road that was so narrow we wondered if the school bus came up the other way how on earth would we pass each other. Not gonna lie I was a bit afraid, but we laughed so hard at the fact Google Maps thought this was the best route and that there was this road that even had a bus stop on it. Oh, another outing on one of our trips, Google Maps took us in a complete circle and when we came to the light we were like, “haven’t we already been here?”

Anyway, while we plan and make changes to facilitate that dream we are going to go on adventures, enjoy getting together with our children, and of course, there will be day trips to wineries too.

Plus, it is Spring and there is nothing better than warm air, flowers in the garden, fresh herbs to pick, and bare feet in the dirt.

Speaking of flowers in the garden, I can’t get over how fast the garden changes from week to week in the Spring.

These photos are from about April 5th

This set is from April 13th

These ones are from 4/17

We love to hear suggestions on places to travel that we can add to our list, so feel free to drop a comment.

Peace, love, joy, and happiness.


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2 thoughts on “Be Kind, Live Joyfully, and drink wine (and coffee)

  1. I love this! My children are both on their own now, too, leading incredible lives, and, although I wish they were still at home, “finding” ourselves again and exploring what we want to do is starting to become exciting. I love your idea of exploring wineries – we may just need to find some in our own backyard. Enjoy your summer!

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