Are you green and you don’t even know it?

I kind of find the term “being green” almost too trendy.  I grew up living mainly with my mother and she was definitely a “green” chick but she was not labeled that, maybe we looked at her as being cheap, frugal, a hippie, and oh my heavens she sent us to school with the most awful meals, not one single person ever wanted to trade lunch with me.  My lunch went something like this, first had the Tupperware lunch box – this one to be exact.  In it there was usually this thermos filled with a barley soup and in the sandwich compartment of our Tupperware lunch box there was squished in there a half of a pita bread filled with lettuce, sprouts and carrots with a homemade oil and vinegar dressing (now I know this sounds good but not to a 9 year old)  Oh and of course there was some type of fruit, apple, orange or grapes were the standard.  So we had what is a very healthy lunch which probably explains why I was a pretty fit kid.  See so we wasted no plastic bags or wrap everything was reusable.  Did my mom do this to be green, no not likely it was to save the expense of zip-lock baggies and plastic wrap or foil, it was to save the cost of paper bags too.  She was very frugal and in turn it was totally awesome for the earth, we did not use plastic water bottles EVER.  As a child I thought this was a punishment, I just wanted a Twinkies like all the other kids, but now to my mom I say thank you.  First I thank her for feeding good healthy food that did not rot my body (I did though go wild as I got older and ate like crap which explains why I have an extra 50-60 pounds I need to get rid of, but that is another story), and second for being kind to the earth.  Oh and when my mom did use plastic baggies we washed and reused them.

If you just take a few steps to be frugal it will end up being kind to the earth and that is a great thing.  If you are being frugal already you are being green and don’t even realize it.

Keep living green and healthy.
Peace and love.

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