I have had this craving to go on adventures, adventures with my children (yes event he adult ones), adventures with my husband and my parents.  I love and adore my family and I have been wound so tight I have forgotten to take a moment to just adventure for a day, a few days or even a week.  

I took my daughter on an adventure for her birthday, a very simple adventure but fun none the less.  We went to the zoo, The National Zoo in Washington D.C.  I love this zoo, probably because I spent a good portion of my youth here, my mom worked at the The National Zoo and so there were many summer days spent strolling around finding new adventures, I got to swim in the polar bear enclosure when they first built it, (I see there are no polar bears even there now), I remember that as if it were yesterday.

Anyway my daughter and I had a ball strolling and looking at the animals, of course our highlight was the panda’s, they have been my favorite since I was a little girl and Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing were there.   We had so much fun.  I will add some of the video and pictures.

After our morning at the zoo, we drove back towards home and stopped in the cute little town of Occoquan, another special memory place for me that my daughter wanted to go and see.  We had lunch at a cute cute restaurant, which I sadly found out they just closed up, but so happy we got to go before they did.  We shopped and walked and of course bought some chocolate because who wouldn’t. 

It was a thoroughly fun adventure with my beautiful daughter.

Thanks for stopping in to hear about our adventure.

Be Happy & Kind,


Stay tuned, I will be sharing the adventure my husband and I went on to wineries and more.  I have decided I had so much fun and that I look for different things at wineries, cider places and distilleries that I want to share and review as many of the Virginia ones as I can make it to.  There will be a whole special section here just for that, so stayed tuned while I organize myself. 

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